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Cecily Connell
(Director, Delaware Swim School at Pike Creek) My name is Cecily Connell and I am the Program Director at Delaware Swim School at Pike Creek. Swimming has always played a large role in my life and has brought me so much joy over the years. Now I love spreading that joy to others in their to quest to learn how to swim!  Teaching is very special to me, not only am I providing each child with a life long skill, I am creating a trusting environment for this child to grow both inside and outside the pool.  I believe I am a successful instructor because I listen to each new swimmer and creatively find ways to get over that next hump and ultimately get them to believe in themselves.


Alex Sidell 
Helping young kids learn to swim is both an exciting and rewarding experience for me. Throughout my years of teaching swim lessons, I have always made the most positive connections with the children and their families. I am looking forward to continuing my journey of being a swim instructor and also being a part of each child’s journey of discovering everlasting life skills in the water.


Lauren Distefano
I am currently a University of Delaware student. I did not choose the swimming life but my mother chose it for me. At 18 months, I had my very first swim lesson at the Pike Creek Fitness Club, now The Delaware Swim and Fitness Center. I have been swimming ever since. When I was a teenager, the skills, will, and determination I learned from a young age helped me earn a spot on my high school swim team. I have been teaching swim lessons at the Delaware Swim School for about 4 years. I enjoy teaching students of all ages to swim. I am persistent with my teaching and maximize my time to help build confidence in all of my swimmers. “When life gets you down you know what you’ve gotta do? Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.” Swimming should be fun and easy but only after you make it through the hard part of learning how.


Matt Aungst
My experience in coaching and instruction goes back several years. I was a four-year letterman in Swimming at the University of Delaware. I began coaching in 2002 with Team Delaware, and came to Delaware Swim Team in 2009. I have been working with all ages and skill levels in swimming, working with children and adults alike in our lessons program, and working with our Mini, Age Group, and Junior National programs for the swim team.

Angela Ruggiero
My name is Angela Ruggiero. I am a swim instructor at Delaware Swim and Fitness. I have been a competitive swimmer from age 6-15 for DST and summer swim for Skyline Swim Club. I have been teaching swim lessons for 2-3 years now. I love teaching the children and young adults how to swim. It’s very rewarding to see them start to swim on their own or learn new strokes. I love seeing the kids happy and excited to learn.